No-Carve Pumpkin Decorating

Apparently the new trend is no-carve pumpkin decorating. Seems much easier and more fun than attempting to carve out an old school Jack o’ Lantern.

Thank goodness for Pinterest. I searched through a ton of different ideas to see what most people are being creative with at the moment and no-carve pumpkins kept appearing over and over. Here are a few ideas that are so easy to do:

no carve pumpkin carving

1. These Pushpin/Thumbtack pumpkins are so inexpensive and adorable! You could even spell out different words and patterns with the pushpins, but I think the random design and colors is perfect!

2. The first of these 3 pumpkins was simply painted black then with gold polka dots added. And the second one simply has a monogrammed decal pasted on the front. How easy is that!

3. These Yarn Jack ‘o Lanterns would be an easy project with kids. Simply have them draw a design on paper then you can hammer in the nails for them. Let them pick any color yarn and they can complete the creepy smiles on the pumpkins!

4. It really doesn’t get easier with these Washi Tape inspired pumpkins. This Pretty Tape Etsy Store has a ton of different styles of Washi Tape.

5. These mini lace white pumpkins are so adorable and already completed for you from World Market.

I wanted to add in a few ideas of my own too so here are a few pumpkins that are currently gracing our front porch! These are all pretty simple, but sometimes those are the projects that are the most fun! Even you aren’t carving them you can still cut the tops off and remove the seeds for a tasty treat! Read more here about how to remove the seeds and cook them!


1. Glittered Pumpkin: Get out your Elmer’s glue or your Mod Podge and just paint where you want the glitter to stick to the pumpkin. Pour on whatever color of glitter you want and let dry!

2. This one was so easy that my husband did it! Get out your drill and drill different size holes into the pumpkin. Then you can put little votive candles inside and the slightest glow will appear!

3. Get out your magic marker and color away! Fun for little kids where they can make their own designs. Maybe give them washable markers though!

4. Chevron is going away anytime soon. I just drew out my pattern then painted with a basic white paint!

It’s that easy to get creative with pumpkins during the Fall!

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